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Hardwood floor Staining

Gorgeous Hardwood Floor Staining

Staining your hardwood floors will give them a glossy sheen and add to their lifespan. Here at Country Home Flooring LLC, we use the safest products to professionally stain any floor in your house.

Our team will work closely with you on every aspect of the staining process. From concept to completion, we're here for you to make sure you get the beautiful look for your floor that you've envisioned.

Staining and much more

Choose any color, style and finish to make sure your hardwood floors look truly vibrant and shining.


Additionally, we can sand your floors and refinish them as well. To ensure your stain last as long as possible, we recommend prompt sealing of your floors as well.

Safe staining products

You won't have to worry about any negative effects from our staining process. The crew from Country Home Flooring LLC only uses the safest staining products of the highest quality.


Don't settle for worn down, aging hardwood floors! Count on us to get them looking wonderful once again.

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is a fully insured business.