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Refinished floor

Refinishing Your Floors to Perfection

To complete the refinishing process for your hardwood floors, we use high-quality polyurethane as a final coating. This will fully prolong the lifespan of your flooring and give it that finish that you love.

Our refinishing service includes using multiple coats of polyurethane. Depending on what you would like as the final look of your floor, we will use either water-based or oil-based polyurethane. Contact Country Home Flooring LLC today to know more.

Benefits of refinishing

A coating of polyurethane can protect your hardwood floor against dirt, dust and grit getting embedded in the wood forever. Water-based and oil-based polyurethane have their own, distinct benefits, which our technician can discuss with you during your FREE consultation.

Our floor refinishing services

  • Damage repairs

  • Humidity repair

  • Restoration

  • Sanding

  • Scratch and scuff removal

  • Sealing

  • Staining

  • Warping repair

You can trust in our friendly, efficient team of technicians.